If you have two or more children in a family, you will understand that it is very difficult for you to balance the harmony between all these children. Children will not know many things about this world and would only express every feeling they have immediately. For example, the older child will generally feel that the parents are trying to treat their siblings well and that he or she will think that the parents are leaving them and that he or she will feel alone forever.

Yes, this kind of belief is very silly but it is the truth. Some people will really think this way and really think it is time for them to be naughty to get the attention of the parents. If you encounter this type of situation, what should you do? Should he escape this problem and let his children fight and become strangers someday in the future? Certainly not!

Some Birthday Gifts For Babies

If you are going to have a new baby, the same problem will come. In that case, you can try asking the older brother or sisters to make some handmade birthday gifts for their younger brothers or sisters. And in this process, you can use a child in arts education to teach them how to treat everyone fairly.

You should let your older children understand that they are more sophisticated and trust that they could handle things well. And this is the reason why he will not pay so much attention to them, instead of the stupid idea that he will leave them forever.

By asking older siblings to use craft ideas for children to make some online birthday gifts for babies, they will understand that love is very important and they will also enjoy the interesting and fun idea of ​​doing some manual labor.

children’s craft ideas

One of the most popular handicraft works is the decoration of the walls of the baby’s room. You can ask your children to draw something interesting on the walls of the baby’s room and tell them that their younger brothers or sisters are going to see and enjoy the beautiful paintings drawn by them. In this way, they will be happier to contribute their children’s craft ideas and do something interesting.

Sometimes, you can try adding some mosaic crafts to the room. Kids love treating these mosaic crafts as a kind of puzzle and they will surely love using this as one of the materials to make crafts work.

Feng Shui gift items

But in the process of making those materials, you must take care of your children carefully. If you are going to give them paintings to draw on the wall, you should make sure that those paintings do not hurt them. Sometimes, children will be careless and may accidentally put paints on delicate parts of their bodies, such as eyes. You have to guide them carefully in the production process of the ship or else problems will arise.

It is commonly believed that gifts, if presented to someone, bring happiness to the recipient. The principle underlying the concept of giving gifts is that you can live in harmony with the environment only when the energy around you works in your favor and not against you. For a baby who has just arrived in this world, nothing can be a better gift than “positive energy”. Feng Shui calls this positive energy “positive Chi”. Here are some unique Feng Shui gift items that can be presented to a baby upon arrival or first birthday.

Here are some unique Asian-inspired gift items that can be presented to a baby upon arrival or first birthday:


  • Paper firecrackers are thought to stimulate the child’s good luck for the year.
  • The beautiful faceted crystal attracts “positive Chi” and improves the positive vibrations in its environment.
  • A special Bagua-shaped mirror that can be placed where necessary. It is thought that these mirrors deflect negative energy.
  • A very famous product is the “dragon”. It is a powerful symbol of energy, strength and protection.
  • Scented baby pillows are the best gift, as they are adorned with the “endless Chinese knot” that is a symbol of longevity and ensures a long life, positive energy and vitality for the child.
  • A coin balloon can be hung from a door knob. It serves the decorative purpose and also brings in prosperity.
  • Another beautiful gift can be a jade pendant with a Chinese knot. This is excellent to guarantee protection and good luck for the new arrival.
  • There is another special product called ‘Fu Dogs’. A pair of these guarantee protection and should be placed on both sides of the front door.
  • The wishes and wishes of health, wealth and happiness can be written and placed inside the Lucky Red Wish Envelope of China (which is available on blank paper). The intention must be firm in mind when presenting the gift.

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