I have this amazing friend of mine, Wesley. He is just so good at the art of giving gifts to anyone. His way and abilities to sense the inclination of a human being for objects is unbelievable. I do not remember even a single person who was unhappy with whatever he gifted him/her. He seems to have mastered the art of sensing all what people want, and most importantly, “At the Right Time!”

What do you think Wesley would buy to his friends? Let me tell you something; he never spends a big amount on his gifts. All what he gifts are small things from a local shop or anything related to a particular one, but really inexpensive.

I am going to reveal Wesley’s secret in the next few lines.

Wesley believed that we all are in need of something every single day of our life. It is just that we do not realize it sometimes. All that we need to do is to identify what any person is in need of at a particular time.

For example

my ten year old son may be wishing for a pair of nice baseball stuff to play, but I buy him a nice mp3 player on his birthday! Or I buy my best friend a nice pair of clothes on his anniversary, when I know he falls sick frequently throughout the year and that a medical insurance policy could be a better present for him this time. To put it in simple words, your gift should make some sense to the receiver and should be apt for the occasion on which it is presented.

Wesley’s theory is simple and easy to understand. We all need to know people around us. We need to talk to them about how things are going in their lives, identify their current needs and buy them something based on what they need. And once you have mastered the art of knowing people around you, buying gifts would no more be a difficult task for you.

Occasional Gifts

There are a number of ideas you can find on websites for a particular occasion but I believe that gifts should be sensible. They should make some sense to the receiver and should be apt for the occasion on which they are presented.

Sensible Gift Ideas

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